Information technology Consulting


  • All IT management and technical support services for the enterprise
  • Workstations, Servers and Handhelds, Hardware and Applications Physical and Virtual
  • Network Services, Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Routing, Firewall, VPN's
  • Financial Systems Quote/Order to Cash, EDI Systems, ACH and Positive Pay Systems
  • Inventory Systems, Inventory Control, Barcoding Scanning to Orders
  • Information Security, Camera Systems, Access Control Systems
  • Feed Management Systems, Animal Management Systems
  • E-mail Systems, Archiving
  • E-Document Workflow Systems
  • Database Management, and Systems Interfaces
  • Phone Systems, Voice over IP, Video Conferencing Systems
  • Backup Systems, Disaster Recovery Systems, Time Management Systems 
  • IT Vendor Management, IT Vendor Support Management 
  • Compliance, Auditing, General Computing Controls, IT Documentation


Level 3 Amigos offers Business Analysis, Systems Research, Systems Implementation, and Systems Maintenance in all areas of IT including but not limited to the list below.